Combat Tanks - Instant Split Screen Multiplayer Mayhem for iPad

Combat Tanks

It's tank vs. tank and the battle lines are drawn!

Take control of your tank and enter the fray in the epic battle between red and blue. Battle it out in ten different maps on two different terrains, each with their own unique difficulties, traps, and hazards. Equip your tank with powerful or tactical power ups, such as the homing missile, bouncing bomb, and shield, in order to out gun, out manoeuvre, or out play your opponent. Avoid the deadly homing missiles, plant mines to build a trap, cover your escape, or catch the enemy unawares, and use bouncing bombs to flush out a hiding opponent.

Combat Tanks is a split screen two player tank combat game optimised for retina display iPads, but compatible with standard iPad displays. Instant ready to go simultaneous multiplayer mayhem wherever you are, all on a single device.

Features include:
  • Split screen two player combat
  • NEW! Singleplayer challenges
  • Central mini-map
  • Ten different levels with various levels of openness, difficulties, traps, and hazards
  • Two different terrains
  • Five different power ups
  • Five different combat themed musical scores
  • Customisable level time: 1 to 10 minutes and infinite
  • Customisable level goal score: 1 to 10 kills
  • NEW! Game Center integration with achievements and leaderboards
  • Old school retro themed controls
  • NEW! Optional virtual analog stick

Available Now for iPad on the App Store.

Combat Tanks - Download on the App Store